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#118 KETUBA Peacock
 #118 KETUBA Peacock
SIZE:  19.5 inch x 23 inch

This Ketubah Is a Unique and Modern Ketubah That is decorated with two peacocks that are painted with watercolors.
One of Gd’s most stunning creatures, the peacock.In this paper cut I put allot of attention to the peacock’s elegant plumage. The spectacular richness and beauty of this ketubah stands as a symbol for the new life yet to be created by the married couple. This paper cut is Custom Made

The Hebrew phrase on the top אני לדודי ודודי לי (I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine) is painted with 24K Gold 

This ketuba is unique and will impress all the guests. It is carefully composed of 2 layers of paper. 
The ketubah is made of high quality paper and it is laser cut. And the result is a gorgeous composition, perfect for your wedding, a fine art piece.

Original design by Noa Attias. 

This ketubba will be customized with your names, location, wedding date or your own text. If you want a particular font or you wish to modify the elements of the original graphics, please let us know. After the big event you can hang this ketubah on the wall in your house. In this way, the groom and bride will always remember the most beautiful day of their lives.

We offer a Laser Cut ketubbah with a modern design, made of high quality paper with a lot of care and creativity. All paper that is used is acid free to promise many years to enjoy the ketubba.

All our products are customized at your demand, and we`re open for your personal color preferences. This means that we can provide any other color combinations based on your taste and suggestions.
Also the Ketubah could be done with Hebrew and English text

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