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Noa Arts


Noa was born in America and made Alliya with her family as a baby. Her family moved to Ra'anana and when she was a teenager they moved to Jerusalem

Later she went to Emuna College for Arts in Jerusalem where she got allot of her inspiration for her art work.

Today she is married and lives with her Husband and 3 three children in the Settlement Hashmonaim

Noa works have been exhibited in art fairs across Israel and America.
Noa's artistic works include paper-cuts, calligraphy and graphic design.
All of which relate to Jerusalem, the holy city, the source of her inspiration.
Noa's paper-cuts are handmade and laser cuts made with much love and care, Set on dim and calm backgrounds. Some with watercolor paintings to add extra color.
The paper cuts include Hebrew inscriptions done by hand - cut calligraphic letters.
Noa's Judaicut art includes, among others,
Ketubas, Home Blessing, Mizrach, Woman of valor, Chala cutting board… And the "Seven Species" with which Israel is so blessed.
The paper-cuts represent a unique, specialized technique including small, delicate designs such as twirls, leafs, and small flowers
Noa can personalize all paper-cuts by adding names, either in calligraphy or paper-cut, for all purposes including Jewish life-cycle events.
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